Health and Safety

Safety First!
JPen takes Health & Safety very seriously, both on our own premises and on the premises of our customers. Our retained Health & Safety Advisor ensures that we are aware of and implement current legislative requirements and best practice across our business. The business is fully compliant with all relevant Health & Safety legislation and guidelines.

All our employees are appropriately Health & Safety qualified, receiving regular training in Health & Safety matters. All employees are trained in safe working practices and the safe and responsible operation of machinery (including portable machinery used on customer sites).

Where a project involves site work, Health & Safety risks are explicitly identified and planned around. Operations are planned in order to minimise risk and, where risk cannot be totally designed out of a project, all appropriate safeguards and precautions are taken (in association with customer staff, where appropriate). Such precautions may include (for example) the provision of fall prevention apparatus or breathing apparatus.

With JPen you can be confident that Health & Safety is covered and that the right protection is in place. Risks are identified, planned around and avoided, resulting in a safe and efficient working environment.