Bespoke Fabrications

Whatever your requirement, if it can be fabricated from steel, chances are that JPen can help!

JPen is experienced in assisting customers with requirements that go beyond our standard range of products.  To give an idea of scale, our products range from £100 to £1 million +.

Recent bespoke projects have included bespoke fabrication of:

  • Batches of trolleys made for the rail industry;
  • Large equipment used to harvest energy from waste for a major sustainability project;
  • Security gates on a high profile commercial land development;
  • Media cages used in the water processing industry;
  • Conveyors for the clay industry; and
  • Safety storage cages for gas bottles used by a manufacturing customer.

If you think we might be able to help with your project, please feel free to call us on 0115 944 0360 and one of our engineers will be happy to discuss your particular needs.