Ladder Guards

The No-Go™ Ladder Guard is an effective way of stopping people climbing your ladders

The No-Go™ Ladder Guard, manufactured exclusively by JPen, provides an effective barrier for ladders, ensuring that only authorised personnel gain access to restricted areas.  It is essential for Health & Safety purposes, minimising the risk of accidents to unauthorised and untrained personnel, and assists in maintaining site security.

The No-Go™ Ladder Guard is suitable for floor and wall-mounted metal ladders and is specially manufactured to fit the ladder that it protects. It works like a door that can be opened to grant access and locked shut with a padlock to deny access.

JPen can offer an end-to-end site measurement, manufacturing and site-fitting service for all No-Go™ Ladder Guards. Alternatively, customers can reduce costs by using our easy guidelines for measuring and fitting their own No-Go™ Ladder Guards.

The No-Go™ Ladder Guard is designed to give 230mm foot clearance from the ladder, in line with British Standards.