Ladders & Platforms

Bespoke steel safety ladders and platforms

Ladders and platforms are manufactured in accordance with current British Standards and are specifically designed to comply with Health & Safety requirements.  They are typically manufactured in stainless or mild steel and can be finished through painting, galvanising or both.

Platforms can be supplied with self closing gates, ensuring that access is restricted according to site regulations.  Perimeter handrailing is designed to offer safety without restricting practical usage of the platform.  Kicking edges around the platform stop kit being accidentally knocked off the platform and creating a hazard for those underneath.

Access to platforms can be provided by vertical cage ladders, sloping ship’s ladders or through conventional stair systems.  Where necessary, JPen can assist in producing risk assessments for “stair or ladder” decisions.

Where there is a requirement for ladder access to be restricted, JPen supplies No-Go ladder guards to ensure that personnel comply with the restrictions.