About Us
JPen (John Patrick Engineering)

A History of Success in Metal Fabrication

JPen was started by John Patrick and has been in business since 1983, during its respectable history the company has seen steady, sustained growth and development, acquiring diverse and integral skill sets amongst its many employees. With each passing year, new customers come to use our services with many continuing to use us again and again.

The humble beginnings

For the first 5 years, JPen was based at a modest sized production facility situated in Langley Mill in Alfreton, Derbyshire. During the initial founding period, the company quickly grew and matured to a point that required the relocation of operations to a facility with more area space.

Following the move

In 1988 JPen established itself in its present location, Stanton, Ilkeston and has completed numerous upgrades with respect to workshop space, equipment, staff and overall production capability. In 2008 the main factory was effectively doubled in size by incorporating a sizeable extention. The most noticeable and somewhat recent development is the inclusion of a large bay plasma cutting unit.

Strong Leadership

For any business to succeed and prosper it is essential that all departments work and communicate closely together. Currently there is a powerful and experienced management team supporting a highly trained and experienced CEO. Andrew Fox joined JPen whilst it was still located in Alfreton having journeyed through a long and impressive mechanical engineering service background, with a good number of those years under contract with the Ministry of Defence. Having worked alongside the original CEO John Patrick until his retirement, Andrew has successfully led the company into an even stronger position, this has been achieved through the building of a highly capable management and business control team to oversee every department of the business. Customers readily engage with the project team to achieve their objectives following the proven disciplines and procedures set down by Andrew.

Looking into the past, present and future

The company recognises where it has come from and how important its stages of past development were; certain operations and methods are still in use today. That being said, JPen is a business that adapts with the market and the technology that drives the industry. Through the integration and adaptation of new equipment along with skilled personnel the business is able to exceed its track record for today’s market requirements and to be ready for the changes that will undoubtedly come to pass in the future. In support of development for the future, the company is proactive in its commitment to reducing environmental impact, move past the point of carbon neutrality into a positive supportive status.

What Can JPen Do For You?

Time is a sparse luxury that few can enjoy within industry, JPen understands the pressure and emphasis on project completion time in conjunction with product quality first time out of the gate. If your clients depend on speed and accuracy, you can count on JPEN to support your reputation.

From small bespoke parts to large scale integrated fabrications, JPEN has the staff, skills, equipment and facilities to design, build and deploy your project.