Ladders, Platforms and Ladder Guards
JPen (John Patrick Engineering)

Bespoke steel safety ladders and platforms

JPen can design, manufacture and install all types of commercial staircases. We provide a one-stop solution. If your requirement is for an internal or external staircase JPen have more than 30 years’ experience.

We produce bespoke fabrications in carbon steel and stainless steel. Welding is carried out to BSEN1090 and our quality is assured by ISO9001 quality system.

We can manufacture commercial, industrial and retail staircases from drawings provided by the customer or our experienced staff can visit your site and produce bespoke drawings to your requirements.

When off the shelf fabricated platforms, ladders and gantry systems are not sufficient to provide required levels of access for healthy and safety and or ease of work tasks, JPen are well versed in designing either mobile or static custom fabrications. Bespoke access platforms can be made as modular or vari-form pieces.

Ladders and platforms are manufactured in accordance with current British Standards and are specifically designed to comply with Health & Safety requirements. They are typically manufactured in stainless or mild steel and can be finished through painting, galvanising or both. There is also the option to produce ladders and support framework in aluminium, should there be any specific requirement to do so. Aluminium can be forged to strengths that approximate steel without the high weight penalty that the latter incurs.

Platforms can be supplied with self-closing gates, ensuring that access is restricted according to site regulations. Perimeter hand railing is designed to offer safety without restricting practical usage of the platform. Kicking edges around the platform stop kit being accidentally knocked off the platform and creating a hazard for those underneath. Access to platforms can be provided by vertical cage ladders, sloping ship’s ladders or through conventional stair systems.

Ladder Guards

Employers with maintenance gantries and ladder access points usually have a requirement that only allows trained, qualified staff to use these platforms and associated structures. To protect themselves from litigation that might come about from non-conforming staff or illegal intruders, JPen had developed an effective system entitled the No-Go™ Ladder Guard.

The No-Go™ Ladder Guard is manufactured exclusively by JPen, it provides an effective barrier for ladders, and features lockable access that is essential for Health & Safety purposes. When security and minimising the risk of accidents is required, this solution will fulfil those obligations.
The No-Go™ Ladder Guard is suitable for floor and wall-mounted metal ladders and is specially manufactured to fit the ladder that it protects. The system works like a door shroud that can be unlocked to present access to the qualified user, and then closed again with the facility to padlock the system to ensure that no-one can gain access.

Ladder Guard Site Measurement

JPen can offer an end-to-end site measurement, manufacturing and site-fitting service for all No-Go™ Ladder Guards. Alternatively, customers can reduce costs by using carefully produced easy guidelines for measuring and fitting their own No-Go™ Ladder Guards.

Will The Ladder Guard Impede Normal Ladder Use In Any Way?

The No-Go™ Ladder Guard is designed to give 230mm foot clearance from the ladder, in line with British Standards. This clearance has been proven to be more than sufficient within in an ergonomic sense for any human user.