Light Fabrication
JPen (John Patrick Engineering)

JPen are pleased to offer small project and light fabrication services for clients. Presently operations within this category occupy approximately 25% of the company’s monthly production capacity.

The provision of both laser and plasma cutting systems provides a formidable scope of variety for both functional and aesthetic fabrication projects. Parts and sections can be quickly created following drawing approval and commitment. Using powerful and efficient technology enables the JPen to greatly reduce manufacturing times so that completed projects can be shipped out the door with minimal delay.

Presently projects are worked in aluminium, mild and stainless steel.

Some of the light metal fabrication projects we undertake cover a wide variety of end uses:

Steel structures for property development

When non-standard builds are required, JPEN work alongside architects and engineers to rapidly produce structural fabrications that meet all safety requirements, that allow other parties involved in the building work to quickly commence with their operations.


JPen regulary create balustrades for many different customers that cover municipal heavy traffic stairwell locations, display section railing for exhibitions through to classical and modern designs for landscaping and residential projects.


The company regularly produces steel gates and fences for commercial and residential properties, JPen has forged beneficial relationships with landscape developers and contract builders who use the company regularly for this kind of work.

Aesthetic Metal Landscape Panelling

Since the introduction of laser cutting to the JPen’s facilities, the workshops are able to produce bespoke ornate design garden and commercial area panelling for screening, balustrade supported sections and fencing. With powerful CNC integrated machinery and a full Autocad design suite and team, JPen is able to output bespoke panels within a very short time frame, satisfying the needs of the most demanding clients.

Ornate Ironwork Fencing

As previously mentioned in the section on gates, JPen continues to produce metal fencing arrays for corporate and domestic projects.

Bespoke storage racking and caging

Storage, racking and caging fabrications to maximise warehouse and workshop storage space usage. Clients that approach JPen often require solutions to fit their own needs and are unable to find an off the shelf mass produced product that will suffice.

Custom design loading trolleys

Tying in with storage and caging, the company is frequently tasked with producing mobile platforms, trolleys and utility vehicle beds for the transportation and loading of products that would otherwise be unsuited to regular mass produced solutions.

Workshop counters

Made to measure fabrications for mechanic workshops and manufacturing companies who require specific dimensions and features not readily available with standard prefab kits.

Stainless steel work surfaces, prep areas with high quality finishes

Biomedical research, catering and clean room stainless steel surfaces offering the most rigorous of standards for anti-corrosion, longevity and contaminant free platforms and supporting structures. Using refined grinding, polishing and finally buffing procedures ensures that each product stainless steel product will tick all the relevant boxes to suit these end use environments. Regular output includes kickplates, shelving, splashbacks, overshelves and benches.

Metal work signage and display items

Using modern cutting techniques such as plasma and laser, JPEN can readily create striking signage with accurate type setting and logo recreation.