Structural Steel
JPen (John Patrick Engineering)

The use of steel in construction has a global history starting in the late 19th century, developing during the 20th with stronger load bearing alloys to the present where strict regulations control the build practices and safety tolerances that vary depending on the end use application.

The concept of CE marking for all construction and steel products was introduced the by Construction Products Directive (CPD). The CPD is a European directive that ensures the free movement of all steel construction products within the European Union.

What Are The Advantages of Structural Steel?


Structural steel offers distinct characteristics that surpass concrete such as compressive and tensile strength.


Structural steel can be formed into almost any shape, these components can then be bolted or welded together during the construction process.


Steel does have fire resistant capabilities, although a concentrated and prolonged fire scenario will weaken the strength and stiffness of the material. Depending on the end use of the building will affect the fire regulations governing the materials that the steel must be encased in.


Steel is also tough, ductile and impressively strong thus making it highly suitable for modern construction purposes.


Steel used in construction can be erected almost immediately that it appears on site, this is in contrast to concrete that has to be cured for upto 2 weeks after pouring before construction is allowed to continue.


Steel can be painted or galvanised to provide anti-corrosion value to it, stainless steel whilst more expensive will generally outlast all other materials used in the construction of a building.

What Are JPen’s Capabilities With Structural Steel?

JPen is authorised to carry out structural steelwork that includes primary (up to 100T load) and secondary support steelwork for the construction industry.

Secondary support steelwork includes manufacturing and fitting brackets, drilling holes for service access and making other changes to installed structural steel.

JPen is regularly works alongside building contractors, architects, civil engineers and trades with a large percentage of work requiring the company to project manage a site’s construction phase. Regular output also requires the workshop to design and supply fabricated beams, girders and fittings for smaller projects.

Structural Steel Installation Services

The group running the show varies from one project to another, subsequently installation can planned, managed and executed completely by JPen or alternatively the company site teams will readily hand over direction to the customer and or head contractor.